#1 Destination for Movie Lovers

The Adderall Diaries

adderallThe Adderall Diaries rivals the Rum Diaries in many ways. The Adderall Diaries stars James Franco, an actor whom I doubt more often than not, and usually I am pleasantly surprised. I have to admit that Franco is one of the most diverse actors in the world. That is not to suggest that he does not have limitations, but Franco has mastered the art of portraying comedic personalities and he is a supreme bad boy. Granted, he does not have Daniel Craig’s pizzazz or Pierce Brosnan’s toughness, but what he does possess, he possesses a lot of it. The The Adderall Diaries represented an opportunity for Franco to combine his attributes in order to depict a troubled character plagued by a devastating childhood.

The Adderall Diaries is a story of drug abuse, the reliving of child abuse, secrets buried deep and unearthed, the blockage of authoring pages, and about wild nights of sex, drugs, alcohol and LUST. Yes, Amber Heard is the very definition of on screen sex appeal. This brings me back to the aforementioned Rum Diaries. Both Diaries (if you will) are chock-full of nuts. They are loaded (forgive the pun) with alcohol abuse, and with snorting one drug or another. The uniqueness of the pharmaceutical drug Adderall is that it can be utilized (snorted or injected or swallowed) for purposes of concentration, supreme focus. NZT is a mythological wonder drug guaranteed to enhance and empower the mind.

Adderall is abused across college campuses and even by professional athletes, hell it is universally abused, though in what measure I am not prepared to state because I do not have the statistical data at the ready.

The bottom line is that The Adderall Diaries is about a reckless author that was abused and is now in recovery until his life falls apart and he is forced to relive the past in order to come to terms with the future. However, worlds collide, his career fails, and the only answer he can conjure (aside from insanely passionate sex and being beaten and asphyxiated) is to snort a drug designed to compel him to write more pages, ummm diaries, books.

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