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Alvarado vs Provodnikov Results

boxingTonight, HBO Boxing was resurrected from the ashes. Their fall boxing lineup just got real. Hard-hitting Mike Alvarado, who recently dominated Brandon Rios, has lost to the man that took Timothy Bradley twelve punishing rounds to defeat, Ruslan the "Siberian Rocky" Provodnikov. Although the early rounds seemed to point toward an Alvarado victory trajectory, by the middle rounds, Provodnikov's liver-crushing body shots began to take their toll.

Despite being outweighed by nearly ten pounds after rehydration and having a 3" shorter reach, Provodnikov proved unstoppable. The man and his fists of fury simply refused to be denied his due. He took vicious uppercuts and smiled. He drooled from taking Alvarado's best and like the freight train full of scrap metal he is, Siberian Rocky hurtled toward victory. After Round 10, despite his moronic trainer's willingness to risk his fighter's mental and physical health, referee Tony Weeks stopped the fight.

It would appear that Golovkin and Provodnikov might be on a collision course. At the very least, Manny Pacquiao, once he makes mince meat of Rios and gets ducked for the umpteenth time by Mayweather might do well to explode the boxing world by fighting Provodnikov. Wow, sensational phone booth fight full of blood and guts and glory. HBO Boxing is back.

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