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jigsawSaw 1 debuted in 2004. Time flies. The Jigsaw release date is October 27, 2017. The original architects of the Saw franchise have returned for this blockbuster video. James Wan, Leigh Whannell will bring the terror, the bone chills, and the drama as only they can. The Jigsaw release date is important because Lionsgate (as well as Netflix with Stranger Things Season 2) is seeking to maximize their revenue by debuting Jigsaw a shade before Halloween. Why is this problematic? Read more...
deathDeath Note is a terrific Halloween film. My wife intuits nearly everything, and yet my relatively hoarse voice did not convey the italicization or subtext of that comment. By stating that Death Note is a decent Halloween movie, I am not complimenting it in a broader sense, but rather pigeon-holing it as exclusively appropriate for the narrow September-October genre. Read more...
evilAdam Scott is ubiquitous. Think about it, Scott has worked with Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and now Evangeline Lilly in just the past 6 months. The actor is naturally gifted and has an hilarious personality…some guys have all the luck. This is why the devil is in the details. Starring in Little Evil was a great decision for Adam Scott because it momentarily (literally, only for one minute) distracts Netflix monsters from craving Stranger Things Season 2. Netflix has provided an offering from the TV Gods of Halloween, but sadly, that sacrifice is just a Little Evil. I worked that SEO builder in flawlessly. Put some spice on me and call me pumpkin! Too far? It is my favorite time of year people, cut me some apply pie…I mean slacks…this article is tailor made for you! Read more...
StrangerRather than giving us that perfect Halloween movie this year, Hollywood has given us low budget Blair Witch spectacle made our of recycled witch hair. I propose that we look to a Netflix series and treat it as we would a movie with several sequels. After all, Stranger Things have happened! Netflix’s original series Stranger Things, is the best horror pastiche I have ever seen. The creators of the series, the Duffer Brothers, have utilized reverse osmosis (kidding people, relax, this review isn’t watered down!) to engineer a commercial free television series that will knock our socks off, even our knee highs (see Tom Cruise in Risky Business for details). It’s a bird! It’s a plane!! It’s a TV series that is like the best horror movie this decade? Makes more sense than seeing Superman! Literally. Read more...
cellmovieI watched dozens if not hundreds of DVDs during the late 1990s and early 2000s. One thing I remember vividly is loving all of the magnificent movies based on Stephen King novels. Stephen King is one of the most prolific authors in human history, and possibly the all time master of horror turned suspense and vice versa. His novels are not nearly as mainstream as they once were however, and consequently, his works are seldom turned into major motion pictures. This is why I am surprised that King's 2006 novel Cell has just this year, in 2016, been transformed into a feature film. Mind you, I am not complaining because I adore King's singular brand of psychotic cynicism. Rather, I am thrilled that it is possible his influence on Hollywood is experiencing a resurgence, a second renaissance if you will. It is time to take down those dusty records from their shelf and generate an undercurrent of sinister cinema. Read more...
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