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veniceOnce Upon a Time in Venice boasts an impressive cast of actors. Unfortunately, this movie has been released twenty years beyond its potential relevance and fanfare. The star of Once Upon a Time in Venice is Bruce Willis. Bruce Willis has not been a prominent actor in many years and it has been approximately a decade since he was a standalone movie star. To be blunt, his star has faded, past tense. His career longevity and refusal to choose rolls that are age-demographic appropriate casts aspersions on Once Upon a Time in Venice. Read more...
beautyEmma Watson is an actress that lives off of the fame that starring in Harry Potter has afforded her. She is a fine actress, and admirably so, a hard-working woman. What she is not is Meryl Streep. Streep can blend into any role and establish herself as formidable in the blink of an eyelash extension. Emma Watson on the other spectrum, needs to be inserted into a role that is perfect for her, almost written exclusively for her unique talents and demeanor. Somehow, someway (it's called an agent people) Director Bill Condon (famed Twilight director) found Emma Watson at the perfect moment in time. Directed by Bill Condon, and starring Emma Watson, Disney's latest remake of Beauty and the Beast is perhaps its very best iteration thus far. Emma Watson makes the beast roar and audiences cry. This is the perfect role for her and to her infinite credit, she made the most of it. Read more...
Image result for dunkirkIs it true that Dunkirk is an assemblage of every United Kingdom actor to ever grace the silver screen with his presence? I would be hard-pressed to recount another two hour period wherein I was assaulted with more accents from more places in my entire life. What does this all mean? Britain's got talent! Read more...
adderallThe Adderall Diaries rivals the Rum Diaries in many ways. The Adderall Diaries stars James Franco, an actor whom I doubt more often than not, and usually I am pleasantly surprised. I have to admit that Franco is one of the most diverse actors in the world. That is not to suggest that he does not have limitations, but Franco has mastered the art of portraying comedic personalities and he is a supreme bad boy. Granted, he does not have Daniel Craig’s pizzazz or Pierce Brosnan’s toughness, but what he does possess, he possesses a lot of it. The The Adderall Diaries represented an opportunity for Franco to combine his attributes in order to depict a troubled character plagued by a devastating childhood. Read more...
cafeCafé Society has Woody Allen’s fingerprints, retinal scan, and thumbprint all over it. The performances of several characters, however disjointed, are magnificent. However, Woody Allen’s realm, his playground behind the camera if you will, is relatively limited. Yes, as a character in one of his prior films suggested, the same premise can be kaleidoscopically twisted and turned to become a drama, a dystopian drama, a romantic drama, a romantic comedy, or a flat out tragedy or tragicomedy. Really, Woody Allen’s movies are almost the same with the exception of the perspective on the same issues being slightly different and narrowed uniquely for that production. Café Society has Woody Allen as its director, writer, and narrator. Insofar as that is tenable for Allen (which it is because the actor has proven himself dozens of times over), it is somewhat limiting and tedious for viewers. Read more...
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