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adderallThe Adderall Diaries rivals the Rum Diaries in many ways. The Adderall Diaries stars James Franco, an actor whom I doubt more often than not, and usually I am pleasantly surprised. I have to admit that Franco is one of the most diverse actors in the world. That is not to suggest that he does not have limitations, but Franco has mastered the art of portraying comedic personalities and he is a supreme bad boy. Granted, he does not have Daniel Craig’s pizzazz or Pierce Brosnan’s toughness, but what he does possess, he possesses a lot of it. The The Adderall Diaries represented an opportunity for Franco to combine his attributes in order to depict a troubled character plagued by a devastating childhood. Read more...
cafeCafé Society has Woody Allen’s fingerprints, retinal scan, and thumbprint all over it. The performances of several characters, however disjointed, are magnificent. However, Woody Allen’s realm, his playground behind the camera if you will, is relatively limited. Yes, as a character in one of his prior films suggested, the same premise can be kaleidoscopically twisted and turned to become a drama, a dystopian drama, a romantic drama, a romantic comedy, or a flat out tragedy or tragicomedy. Really, Woody Allen’s movies are almost the same with the exception of the perspective on the same issues being slightly different and narrowed uniquely for that production. Café Society has Woody Allen as its director, writer, and narrator. Insofar as that is tenable for Allen (which it is because the actor has proven himself dozens of times over), it is somewhat limiting and tedious for viewers. Read more...
moonHow much time is enough time? Is 5 minutes enough? 15? Ten? Half an hour? An hour? The full length of the film? Half? A quarter?  Mahershala Ali may win an Oscar award for best supporting actor (in Moonlight) for a mere 15 minutes or so of acting work. Some argue that outstanding performances are deserving no matter what the duration. Others argue that limited time may always equate to an abbreviated and thus limited performance. Read more...
noctNocturnal Animals is a bloody awful movie. I do not mean to bestow the word terrible on it, but the individual performances cast a shadow over what could otherwise be a dark and sinister joyriding, off-roading, back-alley murder movie massacre for the ages. Instead, we are forced to tolerate pompous blowhards such as Michael Sheen (one of the least talented and most self-righteous doofuses of all time), and Amy Adams whose recent lifeless performances are purportedly special displays of graceful acting. I for one find her to be boring and unwatchable, but not every flavor of tea is suitable for even the most discerning palettes. Back to Nocturnal Animals, a movie destined to win a grand total of… Oscar Awards. Read more...

hackAgreed. Hacksaw Ridge is a gory movie. There is carnage everywhere and blood is on the hands of nearly everyone. Hacksaw Ridge, as the name implicates, is a war movie. Let that end the discourse on whether the blood, guts and gore is appropriate. We can try all we want to intellectualize and mythologize war, but in the end, it is gruesome. War is death. War is ugly, and it is to the death. On the bright side, Andrew Garfield delivers his best performance in Hacksaw Ridge as Desmond Doss, the legendary conscientious objector who saved countless lives (estimated at 75 wounded men) through acts of god and uniquely American courage. Read more...

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