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Death Note Netflix

deathDeath Note is a terrific Halloween film. My wife intuits nearly everything, and yet my relatively hoarse voice did not convey the italicization or subtext of that comment. By stating that Death Note is a decent Halloween movie, I am not complimenting it in a broader sense, but rather pigeon-holing it as exclusively appropriate for the narrow September-October genre.

Death Note stars three tremendous actors, and one actor that oozes creepiness, so much so that he must have some serious inner-demons. The actor I refer to is Lakeith Stanfield. I could write multiple articles on his personality and demeanor alone. The man simply has a talent for being a sinister oddball. In Death Note, Stanfield is the would-be villain hunter, and yet his antics demand that he become the antihero (not to be confused with anti-hero). Stanfield provides balance to the movie by forcing viewers to reconsider their assessment of the two protagonists’ motives and the consequences of their actions.

Lest we not forget that Willem Dafoe has a laugh that has extended ten years beyond its intended expiration date when he played the Green Goblin before the two and a half men Spiderman reboots. His laugh alone adds an aura of hilarity to an otherwise deeply disturbing situation.

What can we say about Shea Wigham that you have not already considered yourselves? The man is grizzly and handsome and endearing. There is little he cannot do well and much he can. Whether portraying a monstrous man of sinister intentions or a well-intentioned overprotective father, he is talented enough to shine like a newly-minted half-pence.

The co-star of Death Note Netflix is Nat Wolff. Mr. Wolff, I recognize that movie roles are few and far between. I also recognize how talented you are. As such, I recommend you remain removed from returning to high school movies when you are in your mid-twenties. You look thirty but you pretend to be 16. This is a step backward at a pivotal time in your career. Nevertheless, as always, (he is batting 100%) Wolff is spectacular in the movie. There are few young actors that give the impression they are naturally gifted at their craft. He is comparable to a young Billy Crudup.

His co-star Margaret Qualley is also the right kind of evil. If being evil is wrong, why does it feel so good? Qualley has a dark side that is modern-enticing. She gives the impression that any of her costars are riddled with sexuality. She is a perfect prop-up actress in addition to exhibiting her own talent.

Death Note Netflix is a killer movie.

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