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Netflix Little Evil

evilAdam Scott is ubiquitous. Think about it, Scott has worked with Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley and now Evangeline Lilly in just the past 6 months. The actor is naturally gifted and has an hilarious personality…some guys have all the luck. This is why the devil is in the details. Starring in Little Evil was a great decision for Adam Scott because it momentarily (literally, only for one minute) distracts Netflix monsters from craving Stranger Things Season 2. Netflix has provided an offering from the TV Gods of Halloween, but sadly, that sacrifice is just a Little Evil. I worked that SEO builder in flawlessly. Put some spice on me and call me pumpkin! Too far? It is my favorite time of year people, cut me some apply pie…I mean slacks…this article is tailor made for you!

Little Evil stars Adam Scott as stepdad Gary, Evangeline Lilly as mother of el diablo Jr., Samantha, Owen Atlas as Lucas (devil spawn), and Bridget Everett as AL the man/woman or woman/man, it is truly unclear. AL has undergone a gender reassignment, and the real byproducts are 100% hilariousness, and a powerful urge for viewers to make new friends just like her/him or him/her (watch the movie, it will make sense). AL is the perfect guy friend; understanding, loves beer, is unabashedly inappropriate, and is also caring at the same time.

Apparently, Gary and the devil’s momma have married without much interaction or bonding between Gary and her son Lucas (might as well be Damien, but who needs to be that obvious?!). At their wedding, Lucas caused a few tornados, and likes to make clowns disappear…in flames of fiery death. Aside from that, Lucas is just your mundane, everyday son of Lucifer (not the Fox TV show character Lucifer Morningstar played by Tom Ellis). Lucas has a delightful, and oh so cute little hand-puppet that seems to have a devil voice-over button to sound powerfully frightening.

Meanwhile, Gary tries to adapt to the normal life of a step parent that has never said three words to his stepson. He is abundantly clueless until he is not. His desire to be the perfect family man is at first sweet, then clumsy, then apocalyptic. Character growth am I right?

Little Evil is a Netflix original movie, which means that it is overbudgeted and the actors have far too much creative control. Nevertheless, Little Evil is a comedic horror movie which makes it perfect for an autumn date night. Little Evil is like a free Halloween DVD from Netflix to you! Happy trick or treating.

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