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Guardians 2 DVD

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
guardGuardians of the Galaxy 2 serves up great delicacies. Before introducing my ruminations on its quality servings, allow me to posit what the movie is NOT. Guardians 2 DVD is not pretentious, outrageous, full of auras of invincibility, senseless, mindless, political, or beholden to hackneyed rigid formulas. Essentially, it is not The Avengers, and thanks be to God for that. Instead, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 remains its own man as it were, just like its magnificent predecessor. Read more...

Baywatch TV v. Baywatch Movie

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
BayAm I a Johnny-come-lately? Almost certainly. I am later than my 22 week-pregnant wife. Baywatch. Let that one word sink in. Pretend that the new movie version of Baywatch does not exist. What memories do you have of Baywatch? If you are over 30 and likely in the 34-55 demographic, it is probably that you recall Pamela Anderson looking sizzling hot nearly spilling out of her bathing suit. Perhaps you recall a forty-year-old David Hasselhoff seeming like the most boring, mature, and yet handsome man you had ever seen. Maybe you recall Nicole Eggert and Alexandra Paul and Yasmine Bleeth. They were beauties that lit up the TV screen like no others had before… Read more...

The Mummy with Tom Cruise

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
mummyThe Mummy has been vilified and crucified by the media. When people hold a grudge against a person for their standpoints or politics, it is often impossible for them to produce an honest and objective opinion. Scientology may alienate a great many observers, but from my perspective, movie reviewers would do well to stop interjecting politics and personal animi into their movie reviewing craft. Tom Cruise is a top ten all time actor once biases are taken out of the equation. The Mummy is an exciting movie that is highly reminiscent of Nicolas Cage’s first National Treasure movie, after a fashion. It does not deserve the politics-based disparagement it has received. Read more...

Kung Fu Yoga with Jackie Chan

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
fuKung Fu Yoga is a studio movie that offers the appearance of the frozen arctic at the zenith of its beauty. Icicles dripping, glaciers cracking, cavernous ice-spelunking, and battles on ice make for eye-popping cinema. There is something about Jackie Chan mixing kung fu and wing chun while everyone else is slipping on the frozen surface...Then again, Kung Fu Yoga also has a great deal of CGI which distracts from its call to nature. There is a sort of clash of cultures between India and China, but we all know this can make for great romance. Kung Fu Yoga is a movie that you can sink your teeth into for an hour and forty-seven minutes, but try not to get too bent out of shape over the improbability of real v. CGI. Jackie Chan is 63 years old and likely would not have been able to perform derring-do stunts on ice. Read more...

All About the Money 2017 Movie

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
money1All About the Money is a crime comedy (or com-crime? Or does that imply comic crime as opposed to comical crime?), but to those rational and reasonable viewers that have been victims of more than an hour of this drivel, it may in fact be a criminal comedy. All About the Money stars comedy mainstay (though rarely seen nowadays) Eddie Griffin as well as several actors you may not have heard of, and as a consequence of having starred in All About the Money, you never will hear of going forward. Read more...