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Office Christmas Party

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
chrispartySeeing a movie on Christmas Day is a singular tradition unlike any other. Typically, families will congregate to enjoy a special film, and what better time than when the world is in a virtual standstill? As I contemplate all of the wonderful holiday classics and the movies I have enjoyed over this special holiday, Office Christmas Party is the last thing that comes to mind, but it better, because this is a movie review of OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY. Read more...

The Late Bloomer

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
bloomerThe Late Bloomer is quite possibly the best comedy movie of 2016. Not everyone is into locker room talk, raunchy jokes, clever innuendo, or hyper-sexualized humor, but if you have a proclivity for graphic humor, it is never too late to bloom. Johnny Simmons portrays Peter Newmans, a thirty year old wildly successful sex therapist and writer/entrepreneur. Dr. Newmans is the perfect therapist that encourages his patients to abstain from irresponsible sexual decisions and seeks to modify lewd and lascivious behavior. He is cute, charming, fabulously wealthy, a true sweetheart...but something is amiss with The Late Bloomer Read more...

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates DVD

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
MikeMike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is the best, worst, most adequate comedy of the year. Mediocrity is a word one summons to mind after, and frankly during the show. After Zac Efron’s legendary performance in Dirty Grandpa, and Aubrey Plaza’s raunchy hotness, audiences had Dickensian (Great) expectations for Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Sadly, none of those expectations were met or surpassed, but it is not all doom and gloom here. We recognize that not every movie is going to be an all-timer, nor is every production going to knock our proverbial socks off. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates is no exception. Read more...

Sausage Party is Spoiled Rotten

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
sausageSausage Party, hot dog fiesta, bratwurst, whatever thy name be, you are the second worst movie of the summer (second only to the meaningless Suicide Squad) and by far the most colossal disappointment of the year. Maybe the fault lies with me. I am aware that many of the Seth Rogen crew’s movies are for low-lives and degenerates, and sometimes I partake of that deliciousness. Rogen and his friends often provide us with tasty morsels of sweet comedy goodness. Sausage Party however is more like a sausage fest. It is for dicks only. Read more...

Central Intelligence the "Comedy" Movie

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
centralHow can you possibly go wrong with a slogan exclaiming "all you need is a little Hart and a BIG Johnson?!" Seriously, if ever a Hollywood promoter/marketer has come up with a better rhetorical slogan, I would like to hear it! Central Intelligence is the comedy movie of the summer, but it is not all fun and games, it can get real scary when the villains make their presence felt in between the bromantically-charged vignettes. Central Intelligence stars Dwayne the Rock Johnson as the newly minted Bob Stone (a pseudonym for Robbie Weirdicht (pronounced weird dick) to prevent him from being a laughing stock), and Kevin Hart as Calvin the "Jet" Joyner. Agent Bob Stone was the typical high school fat kid that was brutally harassed and humiliated by the likes of Trevor (Jason Bateman returning to full-on asshole form). Despite the all-star cast, the terrific trailers, and the promising premise, I do have one gripe that you simply must read... Read more...