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HBO Ballers with Dwayne Johnson

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
ballersHBO’s True Detective Season 2 remains as stale and unvarnished through Episode 3 as it did back on the inglorious Episode 1. The show is lifeless. HBO’s True Detective Season 2 pretends to be dark and mysterious and important, but it cannot escape the inexorable trend toward ordinariness. Such an eclectic grouping of actors should make for far better television than what loyal viewers have been accustomed to expect. Read more...

HBO True Detective Season 2

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
trueAll of my forthcoming reviews for you my beloved Grand Momma. May you eternally rest in peace. I love you and I thank you always for all that you have done for me and for all that you have meant to me. Your heart was a beacon of light and hope for 92 glorious years. Thank you for hanging on to see my mother through her toughest of times. You are an angel. Read more...

Episodes Season 4 Showtime

  • Written by Screen Spotlight

episodesEpisodes Season 4 remains the funniest show on Showtime! The admixture of saucy British humor from Tamsin Greig and Stephen Mangan mixed with the American vulgarity and oblivious shrewdness of Matt LeBlanc and Kathleen Rose Perkins is hysterical. Showtime has found itself a hit to go alongside Ray Donovan (Ray Donovan Season 3 will debut this summer) et al. Basically, Episodes Season 4 picks up at the exact moment it left off with Sean and Beverly Lincoln on the cusp of starting afresh in England when the phone precariously rings and voila, the writers are back in town! Read more...

Mayweather vs Pacquiao Sign the Contract

  • Written by Screen Spotlight

mannyManny Pacquiao has taken to the public airwaves to tell Floyd Mayweather a special and yet pithy announcement: “SIGN THE CONTRACT!!!” If only Floyd would listen, boxing fans would reignite their decade old debate about who the all-time pound for pound fighter is, was, will be, etc. Let’s revisit Floyd Mayweather’s reluctance to make a fight with Pacquiao.


Golden Boy Promotions Settles with Richard Schaeffer and Al Haymon

  • Written by Screen Spotlight

caneloGolden Boy has parted ways with a plethora of Al Haymon represented fighters. This is the big news emanating from the settlement arrived at between former Golden Boy Promotions CEO Richard Schaefer and a newly resurgent Oscar De Lay Hoya. If De La Hoya continues his career resurgence with the ferocity he did his boxing career as the Golden Boy, his company is in for many victories in and outside of the ring. Read more...