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Star Trek Beyond Lights Up the Cosmos

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
beyondStar Trek: Beyond goes way, way, way beyond being an ordinary movie. In fact, Star Trek: Beyond is the best of the new trilogy of Star Trek movies. The first new Star Trek movie glimpsed some emotionally compelling introductory moments. The second Star Trek installment saw the death of a fatherly figure and the trials of friendship between Kirk and Spock. Star Trek: Beyond, directed by Fast and Furious choreographic legend Justin Lin, offers a different flavor altogether. Read more...

10 Cloverfield Land Growl Roar!

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
cloverfieldWhat are my innermost thoughts on 10 Cloverfield Lane? Well, the movie is at the very least a science fiction thriller wrapped inside of a serial killer crime drama, further woven into the fabric of an apocalyptic doomsday alien invasion hijinks. At all times there is some sort of a hidden threat outside that may overwhelm the three occupants of a doomsday bunker capable of supporting life for at least a reasonable amount of time. And yet, that threat is unseen and unknown and frankly tantalizing in comparison to what lies within. Read more...

Five Reasons To Hate the New Star Wars!!!

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
starwarsforceThe world demands and needs more Star Wars episodes. I personally loved watching The Force Awakens. For me, it was the fondant icing on top of the 2015 movie cake. That does not however give J.J. Abrams and company blanket absolution for their science fiction misgivings. Here are five brief, albeit (ideally) poignant and ratiocinative observations about the flaws in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Read more...

The Martian the Novel or the Movie?

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
martianThe Martian may well win an Oscar for Best Cinematography or Best Visual Effects, but those are not the most coveted categories for an actor. Matt Damon, star of this year's best space movie, (yeah, it's a dumbed-down self-described genre) The Martian, has become one of our nation's best actors and he has done so rather smartly. The problem for Damon as pertains to this year's Oscar contention is the script for The Martian is primarily based on Andy Weir's similarly titled novel, The Martian. Read more...

Sofia Black-Delia and Jonny Weston in Project Almanac on Blu-Ray

  • Written by Screen Spotlight

projectProject Almanac is the latest iteration of The Butterfly Effect, and it is sensational. I encourage all recent high school and college graduates to indulge in the juicy goodness that is Project Almanac (aptly named for its reference to chronology and predictions based on patterns observed in the past). For those in the 21-45 crowd it is necessary to issue the caveat that this movie is not for all audiences because it is demographic-specific. Michael Bay's target audience is the 13-21 crowd. That being written, Project Almanac is riveting in its own right and it deserves the attention Paramount has attempted to heap onto it through heavy promotional work.