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La La Land is Brilliant

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
lalaLa La Land at times left me both speechless and breathless. It is abundantly romantic. I believe that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have the best and most vibrant chemistry of any pairing of two modern actors. They light up the screen like beacons of light reflecting off the stars from some distant and ineffable galaxy. There were moments during La La Land when I simultaneously loved and hated the movie, and for the same reasons. Although I did not vote for La La Land to win Best Picture of the year, I certainly would endorse Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling both for Actor and Actress of the year (my phrasing of the award). Read more...

Hello My Name is Doris

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
dorisHello My Name is Doris might as well be titularly phrased, Hi, I am the most boring person on earth and I dress like 1950s hipster. Do I really want to throw shade (yes, I am hip to popular culture lingo) at an elderly actress that is beloved to most cultured movie fans? Yes, yes, and of course I do, as much shade as a pundit’s penumbraic dousing of the proverbial fire can provide. Hello My Name is Doris is generously billed a romantic picture about a geriatric woman that takes a chance on love with a 25-30-year-old artistic new hire at her corporation. You know the clichéd storyline, 75 year old woman from accounting lives by herself, has no family, and falls in love with a man 45 years her junior. Oh, you are not familiar with that story? Read more...

Casual Encounters Movie on DVD

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
casThere are internet websites for everyone nowadays. We can run a Google search for dating and find,, (talk about sprouting!),, (for alternative lifestyles!), and websites that offer what are known in modern vernacular as "casual encounter" sites. defines casual sex as "sexual relations not involving a love relationship, esp. brief encounters or an encounter on one occasion." This definition will be instructive for newcomers from a certain age demographic as they watch the movie Casual Encounters. Read more...

Anton Yelchin Dead at 27

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
yelchinWhen I read that Anton Yelchin had died I felt stunned, but not into silence. When I heard the manner in which his life was vanquished, I felt like I had heard about a clumsy tragedy. Anton was pinned between his own car and a brick mailbox in what many are labeling a freak accident. Yelchin, a Russian-American Jewish actor was only twenty seven years old, and had a bright and vast movie career ahead of him. His life was snuffed out almost as quickly as it had begun, totally in its infancy. Read more...

Temps Movie Review

  • Written by Screen Spotlight
is an enjoyable waste-away-my-afternoon-while-destressing movie. The two lovebird stars, Grant Rosenmeyer (Jefferson) and Lindsay Shaw (Stephanie), are oddly covalent. They seem to have a natural bond despite being given the assignment of portraying Antarctic polar opposites. Screen-authored by Timothy A. Bennett and helmed by director Ryan Sage, Temps is a movie about the workplace, love, relief from boredom, and the old adage, you never know what you have until it's gone bloody gone. Read more...